Ground Effect The Phantom Jackets

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Gossamer-weight protection for superheroes leading the peleton or flying around the city. The Phantom packs down to about the size of a spare tube, so you can tuck it in your rear pocket as insurance against cutting winds and sudden rain. Its high visibility colour ensures you're seen scything through the traffic - important when saving the world from certain disaster.

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Let's not speculate about the new Phantom.

Suffice to say, when I think of the Phantom, I hear that line from LOTR, except for bikes [B][I]"One bike to rule them ALL!"[/I][/B]. It's not a Phantom anymore, it exists, in the wild, it has been seen..... [img][/img] How did I g ... Read More »

Greg Watts Slaying the Post Office Jumps (Flimed with a Hero 3+ in a Phantom Drone)

Check out Mr. Smooth, Greg Watts tearing it up, all by himself, at the Aptos Post Office Jumps. Flying, video, and editing by Ian Boyd. It's pretty amazing what can be done with inexpensive, off-the-shelf stuff these days... [url=]Greg Watts at the Aptos ... Read More »

the saga of the phantom creak

The last few days my bike developed a creak. It only happened as I was mounting it as it settled into its sag. Then it started happening as I walked the bike and the rear wheel was bounced by a bump or the edge of stairs. It sounded unsettling. Sounded like it was coming from the headset. If I g ... Read More »

headtube length of the large phantom?

Anyone know the headtube length of the large phantom? The website only post the angle.Read More »

6ft guys who bought the Moto Phantom 17

Hey Quick question. For those of you that got the moto 17 or other model in that size, do you still feel pretty good about your lean over distance? I am most likely ordering the 17 but just wondering if all the pressure will be on my hands and shoulders since it is a shorter frame. Did you end up ... Read More »

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