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Vigor QuickSilver Helmet

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Product Description

  • Squeeze clamp sizing ring
  • 18 air vents
  • E.P.S. impact absorption liner
  • Side strap adjusters
  • Snap on visor
  • C.P.S.C. tested and certified

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Quicksilver Park is pretty cool

We rode Quicksilver Park in Almaden yesterday for our annual New Year's Day ride. What a cool park. Not at all technical, it's all fire roads, but there's some good climbing and some really neat sights to see including old mining buildings and some great views of Silicon Valley. We had a big gr ... Read More »

How to get from Quicksilver to Los Gatos?

Ok. I'd like to do a ride from Quicksilver (old Almaden parking lot) and end up at the Lexington Resevoir (or close to Los Gatos). Then just take Blossom Hill back. Anybody know how to do this? I'd prefer to do it via trails and I know in the past I've seen some long rides that seem to do this ... Read More »

Speed Trap on Mine Hill Trail - Almaden Quicksilver

Me to the rangers with radar gun (climbing): :nono: I got you guys... Ranger: It's my move... Yup, speed trap near the bottom. I warned every rider descending. Stay ticket-free, my friends. Sent from CouchPad via Outer SpaceRead More »

STCP to Quicksilver loop

So I'm thinking of doing a ride starting on the Bernal side of STCP, over through the park, over to Quicksilver, then a loop (MineHill to Rondol) and back through STCP. What's the easiest way to get from Santa Teresa to Quicksilver? It looks like Harry to Mockingbird hill Lane and to that Quicksi ... Read More »

Epic(ish) Quicksilver/Sierra Azul ride Wednesday morning

Heading over to there tomorrow morning. Quicksilver, up and over Woods down to the reservoir then up dogmeat. Hoping to start around 9am at the Hacienda entrance. Checked the hotline and all Quicksilver trails are open.Read More »

Read More »




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