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Uvex Onyx Helmet

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Product Description

The Uvex Onyx is specifically designedTo fit comfortably on small heads, making it a great helmet for adolescents.The Onyx is a great all around helmet and can be used for any style of cycling. Made in GermanyFAS chinstrapAnti-allergenic liner IAS 3D+:The Uvex IAS 3D+ system can be adapted individuallyToThe head shape in length, width and height. For ergonomic wearing comfort, pressure-free fit and maximum ventilation.

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Dt Swiss Onyx style hub 370 free hub body play.

Noticed after installing my cassette I had a very slight amount of play , come to find out I discovered it's the free hub body itself and not the cassette needing a 1mm spacer . Axle end nuts are tight , I did take the hub body off and really didn't see anything wrong , axle bearings seems tight an ... Read More »

DTSWiSS ONYX hub - 36T Star Rachet compatibility

I've had my DT ONYX hubs for a few years now and it needs an overhaul. I am thinking of upgrading to a 36T Star Ratchet. I can't find information that it is compatible with ONYX hubs. Does anyone know if it is? Thanks!Read More »

6mm dia rear skewer needed / Magura Comp / DT Onyx

Hi, I have spent hours trying to find a skewer to fit a Magura Comp rear axle. Its axle hole is 6.3mm diameter (not standard) so I presume I need a 6mm skewer. I believe these Magure hubs are re-branded DT Onyx hubs from about 8 years ago. I bought a 5mm skewer before I realised this and n ... Read More »

"Vintage" carbon fiber, circa 1991 Carbonframes Onyx

Supposedly one of 8 or so ever made. Elevated stay design with some fairly primitive looking joints. Mostly era-correct Campagnolo components with Wolber tubular tires and rims:thumbsup: More pictures and details @ [url=http://mombat.org/MOMBAT/Bikes/1991_Carbonframes.html]MOMBAT: 1991 CarbonFr ... Read More »

Wheel SPAM: Surly/DT Onyx LM wheels PRICE DROP

Here's the ad: [URL="http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=65272"]Large Marge DH 32h rims with Surly and DT Onyx hubs[/URL]. [B][COLOR="Red"]$300[/COLOR][/B]. I really need to get the money for these before we leave next week. Anybody help a brother out? LosRead More »

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