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Review: Giro Feature Helmet

The Giro Feature provides an excellent wrap around design with deep rear coverage, which offers great stability and security. The helmet is comfortable, decently padded and their In-Form retention system offers lots of adjustability for any head size or shape.    Read More »

Review: Bern Morrison Helmet

I found the $100 Bern Morrison to be comfortable, well-balanced, and it felt like it was part of my head, greatly due to their low-profile design. The well-padded snap-in liner is a real highlight in this nicely crafted helmet, and it's easy to pop out for cleaning or swap in their optional winter l ...    Read More »

Review: Troy Lee Designs A1 Drone Helmet

The A1 was a good helmet but the A1 Drone is a lot better looking and a lot less expensive. That makes it a good choice in the face of stiff competition in this popular fit. In the end, good looks is brought home by good coverage and awesome fit and comfort.   Read More »

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post concussion helmet choice

So I had an off and a resulting concussion. out for about 1 week. Dumbass me goes swimming another week later, does a cannon ball, and gets concussed AGAIN! so 2 in 3 weeks. Now I'm sitting on the couch for about 4 weeks now, and finally feeling better. So.... I need a new helmet with the best ... Read More »

The new Demon Podium helmet, Anyone have this helmet?

I am needing a new FF helmet and I came across this helmet. [url=http://www.allsportprotection.com/Demon_Podium_Full_Face_Mountain_Bike_Helmet_p/ds7200.htm]Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet[/url] anyone use this helmet? Comfortable? low profile? light weight? venting?Read More »

Found helmet, pads, gloves at Duthie

Not exactly in the park, of course, but if you lost them you know where. Lemme know if they're yours. Oh, and the perfect amount of rain on the trails last night! :thumbsup:Read More »

Tripod mount Contour Roam 2 onto Magicshine helmet mount?

I have a Magicshine 808E I use often, so I just leave the helmet mount on my helmet. I have a new Contour Roam 2, and I was thinking the most secure and easy way to mount it would be on that. I was thinking a tripod mount that'll tighten so the camera doesn't turn and a similar oring wrap-around l ... Read More »

Invisible Bike Helmet

At first I thought it was a joke. But no it's for real, and quite ingenious. I would imagine its' application to MTB'ng cannot be too far off. Could be integrated into a Camelback I would think? Something to protect the kidneys and abdomen would be nice... However not sure how cost effective it ... Read More »

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