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Limar 315 Helmet

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Weight : 290g

Product Description

14 Vents

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Purchase advice with sub-$1k for uber clyde at 315 lbs

After many hours of researching MTBR and other online resources, I'm finally getting a post in here to get some feedback on my upcoming purchase: I'm 6' 1" , 315 lbs currently and on a quick drop the past month (down 45 lbs) from walking, diet, etc and want to step it up with bike riding and pref ... Read More »

SE Stout Now $315. at Jensonusa

Excellent deal on a entry level 29er at this price. I have seen and ridden on and the component group, although basic/generic, appears to be good quality. In light of quality control issues for a few posters here with the Deadeye (disc tabs out of alignment), the Stout is a deal, especially since Je ... Read More »

Wt. Weanie Alert!! New Formula 'One's' 315 grams

Gone is the pad adjustment lever. Black is the color. Radial is the piston. Light is the rule. Piston is still large. Power and modulation: no change They are not vapor. I've seen the first shipment @ Formula I'm not sure when they are available, but they are smoking!! Cheers, Kan ... Read More »

6'7" 315 and need a road bike

It's been raining here in North Texas 4ever and took my 29"SS out on the road. what is available for heavy clydes in road bikesRead More »

What to buy 6' 4" 315-320 lbs

I posted this question up in the What Bike to Buy forum and it was suggested that I put it here instead/also so here goes. I have been refered to MTBR by many people so I figured I would check it out and see what advice I can get. I am 6' 4" tall and weigh 315-320. I am looking to do roughly 8 ... Read More »

Read More »




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