Lazer Sport Armor Helmet

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Product Description

Intended as a skate style/urban commuter helmet, the Lazer Armor will protect you no matter the terrain. The in-mold construction has the outer shell and inner layers constructed together to form a lighter piece that does not compromise on ...

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A thought on armor

[SUP]I always wear a helmet. I only wear knee and elbow pads when the ride is one where there is an increased risk of a fall, i.e. more than just cruising on graded fire roads or flat, non-technical single track. But, if there isn't such a risk of a fall to warrant pads, why am I wearing the helmet ... Read More »

Armor: Hard Shell vs Regular/d3o type guards

Hi All - I wear G-Form light pads on my knees and elbows now. They fantastic in NJ. Keep me warm, and keep me scuff free. But they aren't protective enough in Cali. I sure don't feel the confidence to fall off my bike on a steep descent at +15mph and be protected. Most my rides locally are shut ... Read More »


Never been an armor guy, but I'm starting to look into it. Seems like a lot of guys like to rock knee guards. What do most of you like? Hard caps? Foam? Velcro straps, no straps? I imagine my self sliding them down for the climbs, not completely taking them off. Suggestions?Read More »

Adding armor carry straps to backpack?

Hi, I have a Dakine Amp hydration pack ([url=]Dakine Europe Bike : Amp 12L[/url]) which used to be perfect for my needs until now. However, now that I'm riding faster, I've made the switch to a full face helmet (Met Parachute) and knee pads (I'l ... Read More »

Lightweight women friendly body armor?

Does one exist? My GF wears a pressure suit that has all around protection...but on hot days I feel so bad for her. She's a sweats big time. Its 90 degrees out...wearing a full face along with that body armor...sweating profusely. Lol...she sweats like theres no tomorrow. Even on the road bike he ... Read More »

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