Cannondale Radius Helmet

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Product Description

The Cannondale Radius Helmet is for recreational riders who are serious about protecting their head. The Radius model was designed for optimal cooling and ideal aesthetics.

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Decreasing Radius turns that steepen? good or bad trail design?

so I am just curious. We have a local trail(s) that have a bunch of decreasing radius turn going downhill that also steepen as you get into the turn. They have erode very fast since they were built. Some have double apexes..... should the trail have been built with a turn that opened up more as t ... Read More »

Any thoughts on the Radius Neo?

I'm in the market for two 20" bikes for my son and daughter. My boy is 5 but fairly tall, not a giant, but bigger than most of the kids at his school. My daughter is a pretty short 7 year old but her 16" bike is looking real small for her now. So we're looking to put them both on 20's. I also ha ... Read More »

SB 95 turning radius

Been on a large about three months now and I love it. Coming off a fisher paragon and have gotten used to the wider bars. Climbs better on the loose and technical and no comparison on the descent. One thing I am having a hard time with are climbing turns and switchbacks. Not sure if it is the shor ... Read More »

Sprained Left Radius, Type 1 fracture right radius

I am pretty new to mountain biking but yesterday was a stroke of bad luck. Anyways I was on a steady slope picking up speed then when i shifted up there was a jerk my rear wheel locked up and i went skidding into a rock. I hit the rock head on but I had a helmet on so that saved me a trip to the tra ... Read More »

Smallest center line radius for 3/4" tube

On my trials frames I use a very tightly bent 3/4" tube for the seat and chain stays. They start life as wish bone stays, and up and until now they were avail in a 1.2mm wall [IMG][/IMG] .8mm isn't going to cut i ... Read More »

Read More »




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