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AXO Dirt Helmet

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Product Description

  • Abs shell
  • Interchangeable foam nylon pads
  • Quick release system

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Lezyne classic dirt floor pump - replacement seals

Where could I get replacement seals for their HV floor pumps? I only see seal kits for their hand pumps and in the description it says the seals will work in both the their hand pumps and floor pumps. But when I go to the Lezyne site, my floor pump is not listed as being compatible. Tnx!!Read More »

Dirt Jump bike for beginner

Hello everyone, Looking for a dirt jump bike. right now I am riding a 20" BMX bike and was looking at my friends 24" bike wi/ front suspension and a gyro. Would anyone be able to help me figure out how to make a dirt jump bike. Im 61" inches tall (five foot 1) and am decent at bunny hops and stuff ... Read More »

Anyone use dirt drops?

Whattup y'all? I'm planning my first MTB and probably going the Krampus route. I'm a big fan of big distances and backcountry so I was looking for something that would be comfortable for long stretches but still off road capable. I was thinking I'd like to try Salsa Woodchippers with Gevenalle(Ret ... Read More »

Urgent Friday slacker ride! - Hero Dirt needs to be ridden!

I'm predicting best trail conditions of the year tomorrow and Francis is out! (where are his priorities) Who's in for an epic ride somewhere in SC tomorrow? I don't care about the climbing pace, but DH pace will be fast! :band:Read More »

Good to see a Knolly on the cover of Dirt Rag

Just got this issue with a great shot of a knolly rider (and bike) on the cover.Read More »

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