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POW Wasp Gloves

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Product Description

WASP Re–thinkingTraditional glove design for cyclists readyTo break away fromThe peloton. *TerryThumb wipe * Ultimate ventilation *TPR closureTab * Anatomical Gel pads * Pull-off loop *Thumb crotch re-inforcementBackhand: Poly-mesh/Nylon MeshPalm: Clarino ® Sizing: Measure aroundThe knuckles (in inches) S M L XL Mens 7 7.5-8 8.5-9 9.5-10 Womens 6.5 7 7.5 8

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Wasp Attack!

During our weekly group ride last evening, we inadvertently disturbed a ground nest full of really ill-tempered wasps. The guy ahead of me on the trail rode over it first. He got away with only one sting. By the time I got to the nest, the angry insects swarmed out of their hole and literally att ... Read More »


So I am riding a nice long ride... 30 miles. About mile 26, stung by a wasp so abruptly on my stomach. It felt worse than this. [IMG]http://chzgifs.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/bikejousting_senor.gif[/IMG] This is SS related because I was riding my single speed road bike.Read More »

OT - AZ Related:"Bad Day for a Wasp" & Upcoming SASI Presentation

Hi All!!! On September 27th, I'll be giving a presentation at the [URL="http://www.sasionline.org/"]Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute[/URL] . There will be people that are incredible experts to the 'average bug lover (me!) commenting and offering information on my photos. It will be great to have ... Read More »

ultimate direction wasp?

has anyone used this for riding/racing? it looks like an ergonomic pack that might also work for trail running. what do you look for in a hydration pack? thanks, danRead More »

OT - AZ Related - Today's Critter - 'Bembecine Family' Wasp

The wasp is in the Bembecine subfamily of the Sphecidae, and it is a syrphid fly that it has paralyzed and now transporting to the nest. (Yes, another parasitic wasp, "shut up kids, eat your fly") This shot was taken ten days ago. The wasp hasn't been conclusively id'ed, yet. My 'bug friends' ar ... Read More »

Read More »




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