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POW Skinny Gloves

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Product Description

Before you hit that jump line behind your buddy's house, you may want to slip on the POW Skinny Glove to combat the hand sweat and condensation that has built up from drinking in the mid-day summer sun. The grippy print on the clarino palm keeps your hands in contact with your handlebars so you don't knock all your teeth out and ruin the bike park party. An elastic cuff slips on easily and secures the glove and the breathable corded nylon backhand prevents overheating as you wait for your buddy Roger to crawl away from the landing after a huge spill.

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Rigid riders: Going skinny

I've been riding a rigid (exclusively) for a few years now. On trails that I once thought could only be ridden on my FS bike. I've noticed a pattern over the last 2-3 years on my bike. I started with a 2.4" rear and a fat front (3.8" Larry), then moved to a 3" 29+ front, and now a 2.4". Rear tir ... Read More »

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Where to ride? Is there anywhere to live that is better than anywhere else? Etc. I am visiting next week to interview with some firms but am hoping to get there soon, depending on offers. All the firms are pretty much in the Seattle area (architects) so I don't want to get too far away so that ... Read More »

Skinny Carbon Rim Thread 65mm and under.

I know there are several of these mentioned in all different threads and even though I have a boat load of time right now it's pissing me off trying to find and keep track of reports. So could I get any rumors of new Carbon hoops coming out or rims already received including weight, tudeless setu ... Read More »

Skinny tires

I have a cobia and looking to go to a road bike. Until then I'm thinking about skinny tires for the cobia until I find the right deal on a road bike.how skinny of a tire can I go with stock rims? Continental contacts or gators or such?Read More »

Skinny tyres that you liked?

Having gotten into MTB in the early 90's, a big tyre back then was a 2.1 (and often the likes of the Panaracer Smoke and Dart tyres were more like 1.9's than the stated 2.1...) and many bikes came out with 1.9's or 1.95's. A big tyre back then was 2.2". Now it seems even light duty trail bikes ... Read More »

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