O'Neal Butch Gloves

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MSRP : $45.00

Product Description

  • Polycarbonate ballistic knuckle coverage
  • TPR and direct inject patch protection
  • Double layer Clarino palm
  • Seamless rollover fingertips
  • Hook and loop adjustable wrist closure

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To butch or Hekler

I am having a hard time deciding between the two as I can get most options with either frame. Does anyone have any experienced with the two and how the riding characteristics compare. ThanksRead More »

Are you running Specialized's Butch or Control? What combo are you running??

I cannot find any butcher or control SX cased tires online.. Does anyone have any leads on them? Thanks.Read More »

Are you running Specialized's Butch or Control? What combo are you running??

Ive been looking for tires and from reading more and more, I keep getting the same thing. At first I was worried about rolling resistance etc, but soon realized that low rolling resistance isnt going to do me any good if I cant trust to push that tire hard. From what Ive gathered low rolling resista ... Read More »

Butch put his foot down on earmarks, it's about time.

The Rep's have put through a record number of them and now they are ready to put a stop to the practice so the "Dem's majority" has to play in a bi-partisan way. Washinton is such hypocritical place, both sides of the isle.Read More »

Who is Butch Otter?

And why does he want to kill all the wolves in Idaho? I was thinking about taking a trip up there to ride this summer...not sure if I want to support a state with this type of attitude. Enlightened folks fill me in.Read More »

Read More »




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