Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Gloves

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When you're racking serious time in the saddle and many miles on the road, you need a glove like the Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Glove to help you go the distance. Foam padding in the palm and a gel pad in the heel of the hand absorb shock and dampen road vibration so you can focus on what your legs are doing, and not how your hands and arms feel.

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IV & Oxygen for Racers & Hot Chics! LOVE IT!

Who the hell is this guy who started this company IV PIT STOP INC? I LOVE THIS GUY ALREADY! So, I was in Orange County last week for a race and this dude was kikin it in a mini bus with HOT CHICS. The girls were in some skimpy uniforms passing out flyers and I saw a line of like (6) guys waiting to ... Read More »

Oxygen Concentrator Pressure?

I posted a question about Oxy/Acetylene tank sizing, and ended up convinced to go for a concentrator/Propane setup. There are some locally available concentrators for sale that can create up to 5psi. For a bit more, I can grab a unit from [url=http://www.unlimitedoxygen.com/services.html]Produc ... Read More »

Oxygen in a can?!

I know that I am usually behind the times on stuff LOL .. but they actually sell oxygen in cans now? Has anyone actually used this stuff?Read More »

Has anyone ever tried individual portable oxygen?

I was playing around the internet and came across this [url=http://www.oxy2go.com/]Oxy2Go - World's Smallest Portable Oxygen System - Great for athletes, migraine sufferers, college students, truck drivers, the military[/url] I wonder if it would be nice to use out on a long ride. A couple quick ... Read More »

Oil+Oxygen+Pressure = Diesel

So, after accidently releasing too much Nitrogen from my Manitou Metel R Shock in an attempt to improve the performance, the forum and thread searching mayhem has begun. Just to make sure, we are talking about Coil Shocks here. I've seen people say that you can reinflate your shock back up wit ... Read More »

Read More »




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