Dakine Chinook Gloves

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With the DAKINE Chinook Glove's WindStopper fabric blocking cold air, you'll get winter rides in without freezing your digits off.

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Anyone else notice that huge Chinook flying patterns over the east valley (Scottsdale) the last coupe days? I played Talking Stick yesterday and it was all over the place. Today I've noticed it flying patterns again. Strange. I wonder if they are mapping something? When I first saw it yesterday I ... Read More »

Chainrings, light vs. Stiff? TA Chinook, RF turbine or XT?

I see that some people stick with or choose XX rings on their setups for their shifting performance even though they are rather heavy. Does ring stiffness affect shifting performance? Do lightweight rings flex and result in bad shifting or is it mostly ramp design? I just got new crank arms (r ... Read More »

Dakine Tundra Or Chinook Gloves

Is anybody using either of these winter oriented gloves? I'm trying to round up some cold weather gear and I'd like a little input on these. I have large hands, tried both of these on in XL and they fit well, sometimes I need XXL gloves. I would like to be able to ride down into the teens and may ... Read More »

Sun Chinook rims

A long time ago (1993?) I had a pair of wheels: Sun Chinook rims built on Bullseye hubs. They were stolen from me after 5 years of service with no problems. Now I am revisiting the old days, and I would like to build a similar set of wheels. What's the equivalent of those Sun rims? I don't care a ... Read More »

Looking for rides east of Chinook Pass

I rode Little Bald Mtn earlier this week for the first time and was stoked about the area. Dry eastside conditions but much closer to me than going up to Devil's Gulch and other rides around Wenatche. So, I have been researching to find out about other big rides in the area (specifically, the ar ... Read More »

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