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Craft Weather Gloves

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Product Description

The Craft Bike Weather Gloves have been designed to be worn in the most demanding cold and wet conditions that you can find. Offering the ultimate protection against the wind and rain, they've been made soft and supple enough to remain comfortable and not be a hindrance when you need to grab a gel pack from your back pockets.The glove uppers have been made with a malleable and soft fabric so that you'll be able to move your hands naturally. Aiding in the perfect glove fit is the fact that Craft has pre-shaped them -- basically like they're gripped around your handlebars. And to keep that grip secure and comfortable, Craft used Cerino fabric. For those unfamiliar with Cerino, it's essentially a leather substitute that has the durability of leather and the suppleness of velvet. It also has a texture that will give you serious grip; even if your palms get wet, you won't need to worry about slipping around on the bars. To enhance the comfort level, shock-absorbing gel inserts have been strategically placed in the palms to protect pressure points from going numb over rough roads.To ensure that no wind or rain penetrates through the edges of the gloves, Craft has elasticized the cuffs for a snug fit at the wrists. You'll also notice that they extend high enough up the wrists to eliminate any gap between your gloves and jacket sleeves. Reflective print has been added to the uppers so that you can be as visible as possible when out near sunset. The Craft Bike Weather Gloves come in Black and in sizes X-Small through X-Large.

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Help with clothing for the colder weather.

Hoping there will be some deals at the bike show on cold weather gear. Im also racing iceman in November and have no idea what to expect for weather. I have been surviving with layers of what ever I have in my drawers. I have no pant/tights to and no jackets for cycling. Do you guys have one j ... Read More »

Already that time of year - good "cool" weather top?

I couldn't believe it when I got to the trailhead on Saturday morning and realized the temperature was in the mid-50s. In Atlanta! Brrr! Fortunately, I have the best top known to man for riding when the temps are 40-60. It's not a bike jersey -- I think it's intended for running, but it's ama ... Read More »

Wet Weather Riders?

This winter season I plan to ride more in some of the wet stuff! Anyone ride the wet? What changes in gear and bike? I got me some Freeride Elements that act like a "duck in water" according to 5.10 LOL I just made a front "mud fender" last night = [ATTACH=CONFIG]928119[/ATTACH] IT's just a pie ... Read More »

Cold Weather Lights

Its going to be getting dark and cold soon. I have been through a few lighting set ups in the last couple of years, and have not found one that has a battery that lasts for a reasonable time, or even anywhere close to the advertised run times, when temperatures get into the single digits. Does any ... Read More »

Looking for recommendations for cold weather riding jacket.

I have access to Pearl Izumi gear pretty cheap but I was wondering if I should be looking for Primaloft. I live in the northeast, already have stuff for moderate cold but am looking for something if I ride below freezing. TIA.Read More »

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