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Briko Training Gloves

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Product Description

  • Glove in soft stretch transpirant fabric, Lycra inside the fingers to prevent thicknesses, padded palm and customized Velcro pull

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    Willow Branch weekly cx training series(Jax Fl)

    Hey everyone, I just bought by first CX bike and I love. I actually sold my road bike to replace it with a CX bike. It was the best decision ever. Anyway I have been making videos of our weekly CX training series and I thought I would share. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mwp6t7-JaM&spfre ... Read More »

    Training Q: One very long, or two medium long rides per week?

    Q up front: In your weekly training plan, do you center on one very long ride (perhaps 6 hours or more) per week or do you break that into smaller chunks? I'm turning 50 this year and am leaving Germany to return to the U.S. this fall. I've ridden several "MTB Marathons" over here (80km+, 50mi+ ... Read More »


    Looks like I'll be doing a half (team) triathlon come February ^^ Question is... do I need to worry about actual training on the road? Or, should I just up my trail riding? I honestly do consider trail riding to be harder than road riding (naive??) Thoughts please NB, distance = 90kmRead More »

    Off-season Training and Diet

    Curious as to what some of you do in the off-season. Just wrapping up my first year of serious mountain biking and I'm wanting to continue improving. I was pretty hardcore into Crossfit but it's basically taken a back seat to trail riding this year. I was also semi-paleo during that time but I've ... Read More »

    Who rides around town for fun or mtb training?

    Many of us have to drive our cars to decent mtb trails. For those that don't live near trails, how many of you often ride right out of your home and ride around town etc, to get in some cycling? What do you typically ride? Old mtb with street tires? etc?Read More »

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