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Long Travel 29'er.......that won't be my primary bike?

Looking for some advice on a long travel 29er that won’t break the bank. I am mainly a XC rider but my son and his buddies like to ride trails that require more of a trail bike. No problem……..just go out and get a new bike….right? Well not so fast. This would be my [U]4th bike [/U]and not my prim ... Read More »

Avid Elixir 9 Lever hard stops, rear wheel won't lock up. Opposite of squishy.

For about 2,300 miles of mountain riding, my Elixir 9s have been performing well (louder than a howler monkey at the start, so switched rotors, went with organic pads and rotated banjo bolt so hose rests against seat stay. Another story. Quieter now). I put in new pads about 350 miles ago, and al ... Read More »

2x10 won't shift into 1-1 under load

I have a 2x10 mountain bike and anytime I try to shift under load, specifically going up hill, the chain will jam for a moment and then if I back pedal a tooth or 2 then go forward it will re-align. This caused me a huge headache as I was climbing a hill and tried to go from 2-1 to 1-1 the chain bo ... Read More »

Rockshox Reba Race (2008) won't lock out after service

So I opened up my fork today because it was previously unable to fully compress. I removed the lowers, cleaned the dust seals, took out the dampener, cleaned that (including clean and re-oil o-rings), took out the lower rod/seal of the dampener side and cleaned and re-oiled that. Put it all back tog ... Read More »

X01 cassette removal, lockring tool won't reach splines??

I've got a very creaky X01 cassette that I'd like to remove & grease. The problem is, I can't get the cassette off. I've got a park FR-5, but it just barely contacts the lockring splines and I'm afraid to strip the lockring. Seems like the only way to get it to fully engage would be to remove th ... Read More »

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