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Full Face Helmet Photos

Main Page - Helmet List - Photos [caption id="attachment_6307" align="alignnone" width="160" caption="TLD D2"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6308" align="alignnone" width="160" caption="TLD D2"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6309" align="alignnone" width="160" caption="TLD D2"] ...    Read More »

Full Face Helmet Shootout and Guide Charts

Main Page - Helmet List - Photos Helmets Manufacturer Price Weight Safety Rating Vents Review Website Troy Lee Designs D2 Carbon $375 937 grams CSPC, ASTM F-2032-00/1952-00, and CE Yes - Excellent Review www Dainese D-Raptor $325 961 grams CE, EN Yes - Amazing Review www Kali Prote ...    Read More »

Full Face Helmet Guide

Main Page - Helmet List - Photos Helmet Shootout?  Well, unfortunately not exactly.  I started this project with a ‘who’s best’ focus, but after getting these helmets in I realized a ‘who’s best focus’ only helps me, not you.   So this has changed to more of guide.  The write up on each helmet fo ...    Read More »

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Kids Full Face Helmet Recommendations?

I am looking for full face helmet recommendations for a 4 year old. I have done a few searches on the Families and Riding with Kids forum and the Protection forum but haven't come up with much, especially in more recent posts. His riding includes a wide variety, single track, BMX track, skate ... Read More »

Recommendations for Light, Well Ventilated, Full Face Helmet

Hi All, I am headed to Peru in September for guided tour and they are requiring a full-face helmet. I had hoped to wear an endure style helmet but they changed what they require. I am not familiar with full face helmets at all except for what little I have found online in last day or so. I p ... Read More »

Full Face Helmet Vote

[B]POC Cortex Flow vs. One Industries Gamma[/B] [U]One Gamma manufacturer description[/U]: Dual density EPS liner inserts Large intake and exhaust vents and fully channeled liner Snap in comfort liner and cheek pads Moisture wicking Nylex comfort liner Enlarged eye port Unique 2-position visor ... Read More »

looking for a full face helmet

Hey I am wondering if anyone knows of any place that actually stocks full face helmets in the southeast PA area. I'm near KOP if that helps. Looking for something near $100, but need to try first.Read More »

painting a helmet? not a full face

i have a UVEX am style helmet. it's terribly drab and oh so passe. rather than buy new i've wondered about hand or spray painting it. anyone done this? i wonder if it would affect the hard shell material rendering it weak, the biggest concern. helmet is 2 seasons old, in good shape, fits very well.Read More »

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