VonZipper Clutch Eyewear

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Clutch When you gotta get a grip, comeThrough inThe Clutch! Dont hang onToThe past whenThe future is in your hands and on your face. Make it happen whileThe rest ofThe world is nappin and seizeThe day - some how, some way. * 100% UV Protection * Base 8 spherical lens * Nylon grilamid frame * Polycarbonate Polarized * Stainless steel optical hinges

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So does VPP work with a clutch mech?

Afternoon guys, I was thinking of upgrading to a 10 speed, mainly for the Shimano Shadow+ clutch mech to stop that annoying chain rattle. I've started reading conflicting reports about the VPP chain growth and the tension clutch mechs put on the chain = loss of suspension plushness + clutch mech ... Read More »

rear derailleur clutch question

i'm using the xt m770 series drivetrain (pre dyna-sys) now and am trying to piece together a new system. i'm out of the loop with all the technicalities so i'm sure this is a simple question for some. the new derailleurs feature a clutch, or release. ostensibly to eliminate all the chain slap ... Read More »

SRAM Type 2.1 rear!? Did they redo their clutch derailleur?

I was just messing around on the SRAM website looking for a manual. And I came across type 2.1 derailleur. There's a link to a brochure that gives me a blank page. Is this a new thing? Did they fix the Type 2 issues? Has this already been discussed. Who knows anything? -G [url]https://www.sram.com/s ... Read More »

RaceFace Narrow/Wide Chainring 1x9 setup. No clutch mech?

I'm planning to go to a 1x9 set up from a 2x9. I don't really use my small chainring (24 tooth) and my big ring (38 tooth) is just impractical for climbs. I am planning to go somewhere in between. I will be using a 32 or a 34 tooth RaceFace Narrow/Wide chainring for a 1x9 setup with no chain guide. ... Read More »

Reliable source for XT rear derailleur shadow clutch stabilizer

Like many (most?) others, my XT clutch stabilizer broke where the tension adjustment screw connects to the cam. My LBS had a repair kit in stock but didn't have many. I've been looking online to order a couple spares (sad that I have to treat this like a wear item...) but haven't found any relia ... Read More »

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