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Spy Quanta Eyewear

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MSRP : $99.95

Product Description

Need a pair of ANSI-certified shades that don't look lame Check out the Spy Quanta Sunglasses. Finally, you can not only protect your eyes from flying objects, but your face from suspect style as well.

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Need to service Quanta rear hub...

...as I am starting to get some irregular noise from it. Has anyone taken these hubs apart for servicing? I am having a very hard time finding any real information out there, so any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!Read More »

Fat Bike Wheels from Jenson (quanta hubs, wienmann wheels)

I bought a set, Two actually.:madman: (idiot):madman: I blew apart my free hub and have no idea where to get a new one as my LBS hasn't had any luck figuring out who makes it or what kind it is...:madmax: Anyone else done this? what do I do? Thanks, -Hardrock'rRead More »

Budget OEM wheelset review: Weinmann DHL101 on Quanta/Origin8/wheelmaster sealed hubs

I just bought a set of these wheels from a member of facebook fat bike trader group. thought id do a review for anybody interested. here is a link for them. they are listed with different name on jensonUSA and bikewagon. im pretty sure other websites carries them too. [url=http://www.jenson ... Read More »

Green Goblin Quanta hubs adjustable?

Hi! The front hub on my green Goblin has a little bit (like maybe a millimeter) of side to side play. Can this be adjusted out?Read More »

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