Oakley Wind Jacket Eyewear

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The Oakley Wind Jacket Sunglasses were designed to satisfy the speed-craving motorcyclists out there who needed distortion-free, high-definition sunglasses that were light, had a good fit, and were also technical. Since then, the sporty Three-Point Fit has been adopted by cyclists, runners, and anyone else who is active and doesn't want to worry about their sunglasses staying secure when they're going fast.

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lightweight wind/rain jacket that is breathable?

any suggestions for a lightweight hooded wind/rain jacket that is breathable? used my one industries windbreaker/jacket last night and was soaked it does not breathe very well.Read More »

looking for wind breaker pants / jacket options for cold weather commute

I work construction, and most of the job sites I go to have no areas for me to change clothing. For my bike commute, I need a set of wind breaker pants and a windbreaker jacket to that are easy to put on and take off over my coveralls, and without removing my boots. I'm a somewhat larger person (may ... Read More »

Specialized Deflect Trail Jacket Or Apollo Team Wind Jacket?

I am thinking of buying a wind/trail jacket but is unsure on what to get out of an Apollo Team jacket or a Specialized Jacket, I already have an Apollo Team Jersey but I am still unsure on what to get.. Any Suggestions???Read More »

wind/water resistant jacket

it does not get terribly cold here in south Texas, but i want something to cut the wind and keep me dry when it sprinkles. when it pours, i just take the bus. i have been wearing this cheap windbreaker jacket to work the last few days but it does not breathe at all. i expect a huge cloud of steam to ... Read More »

Cycling wind jacket that doesn't flap

I want a thin cycling windjacket that doesn't flap as I ride faster. Colder temps last week saw me repurposing a Marmot Ion windshirt that I've used for summer alpine climbing and comfortably use running down into the high 20s with a single polypro layer underneath. It's the smallest size I ca ... Read More »

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