Oakley Jury Eyewear

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Oakley Jury Distressed Silver/Black Iridium Polarized: Shaped with confident contours of self-assured style, Oakley Jury? sunglasses take advantage of comfortably lightweight aluminum. Engineered with hinge elements of O Matter...

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Random Jury Duty Bike Commute Question

Does anyone know if you can take your bike into the jury room at the Phoenix Municipal Court? I don't want to lock it up outside.Read More »

Jury-rigged Reducer Headset Safe?

I had my LBS install a new fork (Sektor) on my Giant hardtail and the common problem of 1.5 headtube and 1 1/8 steering tube occurred. I live in China and LBS didn't have a reducer headset, but (being China) had an idea of how to jury-rig a reducer-type headset. Using the installed 1.5 headset, f ... Read More »

What was your greatest jury-rig? [was roadside jerry-rig]

So I was starting my homeward-bound commute with my coworker, let's call him Queasy, when suddenly, going forward on a green light, his chain ring popped off. His maintenance routine consists solely of leaving his bike outside, so this came as no surprise. Looks like he had been loosing chain-ring b ... Read More »

bryant/sheppard case-so you are on the jury, guilty or not guilty

just supposing this went to trial and you were selected for jury duty. Bryant is charged with negligence causing death, guilty or not guilty.Read More »

Brake Jury Rig trick

If your pads are down to the nubs, and no replacements in sight, try removing the anti-rattle spring. At least you will keep from getting it sucked into the bake track, and you can use that last 0.2mm of brake pad before you hit metal. It at least might let you finish a ride. I'm doing this today. ... Read More »

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