Oakley Hijinx Eyewear

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Oakley Hijinx Brown Tortoise Dark Bronze Lens: Take all the music, art and life that inspires athletes to step up and go beyond. Shape it with an edge of attitude but keep the look clean and uncomplicated, then give it the best technology ever to carve light rays...

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BCT Hijinx!

Well the day started off with news from Sixty that his shock was blown so he was a no go. Things got better when we found out that Kavu's bike needed to have some cables run which gracefully Smokin Spokes Stevo took care of in our favorite meet up spot:D Our ride started off by my chain breakin with ... Read More »

Not my forum, not my problem, sticking my nose in anyway (Turner forum hijinx)

[FONT=Verdana]So I got this PM from user mx_599 this morning:[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][/FONT] [QUOTE] [B]can you help me?[/B] i noticed you put an end to a couple threads here immediately and said they violated mtbr rules. there is a thread in the turner forum that is pages long saying lies about me ... Read More »

Halloween Hijinx!

[url]http://www.climatemash.org/[/url]Read More »

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