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The Oakley Women's Dangerous Sunglasses won't sneak up and strangle your worst enemies during the night, and they probably won't get confiscated during airline travel either. If you wake up and find your roomie's shades meticulously taken apart and strewn across the floor, however, the Dangerous Sunglasses are a prime suspectthese shades won't tolerate mediocre style. It's orbital lenses, sculptured temple pieces, and Oakley pendant hinges or nothing. An 8-base lens curve means the lenses and fr

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44 Kid Dangerous "Magnum" Edition Update

I've had the bike now for the summer and here are my thoughts. In commissioning Kris Henry for this bike I was going for a low slung AM rigid 29+. Kris blogged the build on his website back in April. He's posted pics on the build as well. The trail system I ride mostly are subalpine terrain: a ... Read More »

Switching from dangerous hydraulic brakes to mechanical. Anybody else done this?

I've got a bike that came with Avid Elixir 5's. They work okay. They lock up on steep descents when they are working which is dangerous but I digress. Anyway, I crashed really hard downhill and one of the brake levers broke which entail let air into the line which I didn't realize until I continued ... Read More »

Is carrying a helmet on your backpack dangerous?

Carrying a lightweight XC/road helmet on your pack, with a full-face on your head, is all the rage in Enduro racing these days. (Swap helmets for the uphill transitions obvs.) I have a buddy who's a very very talented DH rider. Masters rider, gone to multiple US championships etc. He insists th ... Read More »

Is this dent dangerous?

[ATTACH=CONFIG]876892[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]876893[/ATTACH] This is a 2010 remedy 8. Does this dent compromise the frame or is it just aesthetic?Read More »

Small crack in helmet. How is this dangerous?

I have a small crack in the polystyrene of my helmet on the 'rim' just above where my left eye would be. I can spread the crack about 1mm but I have to pull quite hard to spread it. My bike mechanic of course says I should replace it. I asked him why and got a fuzzy answer. So my question is, can ... Read More »

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