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Fly was designed for thinner faces, to guarantee greater protection and the optimum technical peculiarities that distinguish the entire Northwave Sunglasses line. Its shape was The ultralight Bizzy model stands out owing to its sporty and aerodynamic shape. Suited to all cyclists looking for a minimalist design and absolute comfort. studied to ensure maximum protection for whoever does not like large lenses or sunglasses, or whoever is looking for calibrated protection on the surface of the eye cavity.

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Fly 29er Ti Frameset

Hello all! Ordered a Fly 29er Ti frameset over the weekend and just got it this morning. My plan was to move all the parts from my Trek X-Caliber (frame is too big) and try to sell the Trek frameset on CL or something. I have the Trek set up as a 1x10 so the Fly will be set up as the same. I d ... Read More »

Review of new Moto Fly Ti (2015 with XT)

After a few years of lusting a Ti 29er, finally bought one last week. Came down to Lynskey MT-29 frame and the Fly Ti with XT build, and the Fly won out based on price, build, good reviews, and looking a bit more shapely. I'm writing this to help those who are in the same position that I was in. ... Read More »

Deer fly season has arrived at HP.

Only 20 caught on this ride. Probably will get worse. [ATTACH=CONFIG]907582[/ATTACH]Read More »

light weight SDG saddles: Ti-Fly or Circuit MTN

I'm thinking of getting one of these SDG saddles, either the Ti-Fly solid Ti or Circuit MTN Carbon. I've used the Bel Air Ti railed saddles before and find them comfy. Anyone have any experience with the Ti-Fly or Circuit in terms of comfort and durability compared to a Bel Air? Are the weights that ... Read More »

Black Fly Challenge tire/bike selection

My friend an I are planning to ride the Black Fly Challenge in two weeks. ([url=] - the ONLY source for accurate race information.[/url]) It's a 38.5 mile ride, for cyclocross and mountain bikes. The website tells me that, "over half the BFC race c ... Read More »

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