Maui Jim Stingray Eyewear

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Maui Jim Stingray Gloss Black/Grey Lens: When you think of a stingray, a graceful but dangerous animal may come to mind. A stingray can inflict severe wounds by using their whiplike tail that is armed with large, sharp dorsal spines.

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You Ever Dh A Stingray?

About 30 years ago we used to suffer our way up a 2 mile downhill, jump on our banana seat bikes and rage! One time I missed my line and my bike flew into an 8 foot wide open ditch.I landed on the other side as smooth as butter !:DRead More »

old stingray

hey does anybody know where i can get my hands on an old stingray, you know with the banana seats and the big handle bars. preferably one in need of restoring:confused: :confused:Read More »

BMX to Stingray

I bought my son a Haro BMX about 5 years ago. He rode it for a while but now he wants a Stingray. Unfortunately I don’t have the money for a new bike and I’m not sure he’d ride it anyway. But it got me to thinking, a Stingray is not much different then a BMX bike, save the handle b ... Read More »

Joe Kid on a Stingray

Not very mountain bike oriented, but still bikes in the dirt and vintage, retro and classic. Check out the trailer for a new movie on the history of BMX. [URL=]Joe Kid on a Stingray[/URL] Scroll down to view/download the movie trailer. I don't know abou ... Read More »

Adult Schwinn Stingray (sorry if already posted)

[url][/url] May be up to 8 feet long.Read More »

Read More »




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