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Say goodbye to sunglasses that get in the way and break up the view when wearing a helmet. The Motion boasts Julbo’s Zebra photochromic lens, which offers an incredible vision spectrum. The Motion weighs a mere eight grams and is complete with leading-edge technology and exceptional comfort for all sports activities.

Julbo Motion Eyewear Pro Review

I have been wearing and testing the new Julbo Motion sunglasses for a couple of months while mountain biking in all sorts of terrain and weather conditions. They have been in rain, snow, dense fog, and bright sunshine while on terrain varying from smooth singletrack to rough and tumble rock gardens. They offer incredible clarity, comfort and a panoramic field of vision. Continue reading →

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Super excited about my new 2015 Light&Motion Urban 800......

Picked up one last week at a fairly good price. Got one on rider discount. It's super bright and has a fast charge. It states it takes at least 2.5 hours to be fully charged. I've always liked Light&Motion. Also made in the USA. One reason I bought it. I know it's only 800 lumens. I believe it's mor ... Read More »

Motion Control Problem

I purchased a new take off Sektor RL (think it's a 2011/2012) and the compression/lockout knob doesn't seem to have an effect on the fork. I haven't installed it on the bike yet but I aired it up and compressed it against the floor. Whether it's full open or closed it feels the same when cycled. ... Read More »

High Pitched Sound from Light & Motion Taz 1500?

High folks- Hoping to appeal to some folks with more experience and expertise on these things. I recently purchased a Taz 1500. After using SECAs in years past and seeing the beam pattern of my girlfriend's Urban 700, I knew that I wanted a L&M for night/snow riding this year. The box arri ... Read More »

The primary Expendables motion picture

[url=https://www.facebook.com/putlockermovie/posts/349719241843509]Watch The Expendables 3 Online[/url] : The primary Expendables motion picture was a moderately straight-confronted return to the mainstream style of machismo activity silver screen in the 1980s and '90s, while Expendables 2 regularly ... Read More »

Motion GoPro cameras in Marin Parks?

Heard this story on the radio news a couple times this afternoon and I may be reading more into it but with the vagueness of exactly what specific "species" they're are planning to track but can't help thinking that us 2 wheeled creatures just might be on the list they will be looking to track down. ... Read More »

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