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Dean Duke - How does the rear suspension work?

One of the frames I'm considering to purchase (to match up to my AMP F-2 fork), is a 10+ year-old Dean Duke. Looking at the frame (pic below), the rear suspension doesn't make sense to me. There doesn't seem to be any pivot point, which would seem like it would fatigue the hell out of the rear tria ... Read More »

Before the storm, (or Dean is coming to Jamaica)..

Hurricane Dean is coming this evning, yesterday was a beautiful day (still nice this morning as well) so i took some pics on my ride just in case that in few days it will not looks the same - This is just a view from my house, [ATTACH]288375[/ATTACH] Negril West End cliffs, a lot of those pla ... Read More »

some downhill pics from the forest of dean-uk

some pics of the downhill runs, me bro and ben got to test out there bikes. im on the ventana, bros on the orange turner, and ben is on the glory. was a great track.Read More »

long weekend in the forest of dean-uk

went away to the forest of dean this weekend. 13 of us were set to go but only 11 turned up. first day it was wet and muddy, second day it was a lovely sunny warm day and the third day was much of the same. day 2 of the weekend james snapped his rear chainstay on the brake side:rolleyes: so he spe ... Read More »

howard (the scream) dean LIAR!

howard dean, lives up to the immage of himsrelf by telling a bald-faced outright lie to win "cookie points" from jon stewart. How anyone can trust any demonocrat is unbelievable. But, the campaign of lies by dems will continue. BTW: deans failed attempt at humor (re:binladen) is typically in very ... Read More »

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