Dragon Machine Eyewear

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Pull on the Dragon Machine Sunglasses and hit the streets to organize your battalion. As the epic battle of cyborg and mankind begins, your Machine glasses block out glare and UV rays to protect your peeps and give you the clarity you need to tackle the technological revolution. When the first attack is launched, the Machine sunglasses deflect shrapnel with a stainless steel frame and multi-base nylon lenses.

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Can I put a 10spd cassette on my Brave Machine Monster hub?

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PAID SPAM: Brooklyn Machine Works Mini Link

sorry for the spam y'all (not really)...just spreading the word...PM me if interested. Car's engine just blew up and I need to get it roadworthy...hence my prized mini link is on the block (the only ride that I have that can possible pay off my car repairs). [url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/sh ... Read More »

Hey Orven, Man or Machine ?

Hey Orven, 1st, thanks for the fabulous tomatoes. None like them in any store in Temecula, they are like getting Stebers avocados, and thanks to Heather for bringing them to us. Now my question. Who puts the stickers on them ? Man or Machine. And while your at it, why a sticker ? They are a majo ... Read More »

Salsa Green Machine pantone colour?

Hi I am trying to match the Salsa Green Machine color for a set of custom fork stickers. Emailed Salsa but they, understandably I guess, do not want to share this info. Has anyone here had any luck in the past with matching the very specific Green Machine color? To my eye it looks like Pantone 37 ... Read More »

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