Dragon Dusk Eyewear

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Make like a rock star and wear the Dragon Dusk Sunglasses well after dark. As you cut into the VIP line, these wrap-around sunglasses hide your eyes behind distortion-free polycarbonate lenses. If the bouncer asks you what the hell you're doing, point to the Dusk Sunglasses' Dragon logo and say something about being sponsored or something. When he throws you to the curb, you'll be glad these shades feature durable propionate frames as they careen into the street. Pick 'em up, put 'em back on, an

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Dusk to Dawn. . . do I need a light?

I was watching some YouTube videos of past D2D races and in one a young lady came in on her last lap in the dark using lights. My understanding was that the race was over before dark. Is this the case, or do I need to bring some lights for the last lap? ThanksRead More »

Dawn 2 Dusk Friday plans

I'm going to be getting to the race early Friday morning, between 9 and 10 to set up my teams' camp. I plan to ride a lap or 2, then just hang out and drink beer all day. The rest of my team isn't arriving until late afternoon/early evening due to work. If you're planning to be around, come stop ... Read More »

Selling Solo Spot for Dawn to Dusk, Dec 14th

I am selling my solo spot for the Dawn To Dusk race as I will not be able to ride. I am just asking for what I paid, $125. the bad news is that they have already printed the shirts so I would like it. JRRead More »

Dusk to Dawn Tire Choice?

What are you all spinning on the D2D?Read More »

Dusk to dawn gear ratio for single speed

Hey everyone, I am going to be riding the Dusk to Dawn race in December. It is my first time doing a 12 hour race. I have ridden the course several times with my 32 x 21 gear ratio. With that gearing everything is super easy to climb but I find myself spinning too much. I'm thinking of going to a ... Read More »

Read More »




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