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looking for eyewear that does NOT fog up

reached point of frustration with eyewear getting foggy to the point of stopping to wipe as visibility gets greatly reduced within 20 minutes into rides. i'm using 'clear' protective eye glasses and am looking for any recommendations for non-tinted anti-fog eyewear. appreciate any help, thanks.Read More »


What do you guys use to protect your eyes from the elements? I don't wear glasses of any type while riding. The main reason is I sweat a lot so the sweat drips down onto the lenses and I can't see. I also fog them up pretty bad when there's no airflow. Lately, I've been getting little bits of so ... Read More »

Eyewear selection help

I've never ridden with glasses of any type...the couple times I've tried with sunglasses I ended up taking them off because they were falling off or to dark. That said I now seem to be getting more and more stuff (dirt, sand, etc) in my eyes for some reason. So I thought I may try "real" riding gl ... Read More »

Quality Eyewear that Prevents Watery-eyes

Hey all, I got into a pretty gnarly wreck yesterday due to my eyes watering and obscuring my vision on a downhill run. I'm fortunate to only have needed a few stitches though I was wondering what some good mid-priced shades are... I really like the Oakley Radar XL's but can't justify $180 on a set o ... Read More »

Eyewear and gloves for kids?

I have yet to find good protective sunglasses and full fingered gloves for my kids. They're using some Walmart gloves right now, but they are wearing out quickly. I want some polarized glasses that block some sun, but yet they can still see when they are in and out of the woods. Also want shatterp ... Read More »

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