Pro-Tec Back Pad Armor and Pads

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Spine protection for those who want focused back security. Soft shoulder straps and waistband keep the pad in place for all day comfort. The back pad also features anatomical injection-molded and hinged spine cap protection.


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Go back to metallic pads for Alligator Serration rotors to stop pad wear?

I effectively shut-up my Avid Elixir 7s by going to organic pads and replacing the rotors with Alligator Serrations. The downside has been the design of the rotors chews through pads. Will going back to metallic pads slow this down or do you think I will get noise/vibs again?Read More »

Disc pad rock back and forth? Driving me nuts

Have bb5's, the pads themselves can rock back and forth a tiny bit in the caliper. They seem to recenter when released. But when first applied I can feel a little knock as the pads move the tiny bit, even though I now it's going to happen I still makes me think my headset is loose. Do most disc brak ... Read More »

Disc Brake - Back off a pad? QUICK QUESTION

hey, quick question, very noobish i have simple disc brakes, mechanical by shimano, i want to back one of the pads off so that it will stop rubbing by tightening the adjusting barrels, brings the left pad in and loosening moves it further away, but the right pad is rubbing. i found a hex bolt ... Read More »

Pushing back Juicy pistons....pad change?

I'm trying to change my Juicy 7 pads and I can't seem to push the pistons back to get the pads in. I had the pads in once but there was nor enough room for the rotor. Is there a trick I'm missing? I'm using a box end wrench to try to push them. ThanksRead More »

how do i get my brake pad back in ???

i recently injured my back and had to take a week off my bike had to leave it at the store i work at for a couple of days . when i go and get it today i took the wheel off to get it in the car and i guess the pads slipped out and wont go back ... this is my first set of disk brakes so i am unc ... Read More »

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