Pro-Tec Ankle Brace Armor and Pads

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Take extra strain off a tweaked ankle with the Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Wrap. A neoprene sleeve and figure-eight strap combine to provide sleek support that slips into your shoe.

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Supportive ankle brace to prevent overextension?

I overextended my ankle, which has resulted in the tendons and ligaments from the shin down onto the top, outside edge of my foot feeling extremely weak and aching. I've now given the leg a full 16 days off, and, overall, am feeling pretty good, but the whole foot and ankle still feels a bit weak an ... Read More »

661 Race Brace Pro ankle

I just picked up the ankle support by SixSixOne. The hardened plastic that runs down the side is missing. If worn on the left foot, the inside support "rod" is missing. Is this in the design or did I get a faulty brace? [IMG][/IMG] Fr ... Read More »

ankle brace recommendations?

I fractured my ankle on Oct. 2, had surgery on Oct. 7 to put in a total of 10 screws and hardware. I currently have a walking boot and am anxious to get back on my mountainbike. After I get the okay to ride trails, I'm guessing I'm going to be freaking out every log, bridge, etc. I ride. I want a he ... Read More »

Good brace for ankle sprain?

Can't run for a long time, it's bad. 10 days and still can't put weight on it. Any ideas for a brace that will allow me to disengage from clipless pedal without stress? I won't be rushing back heedlessly, but will be riding before completely healed.Read More »

Ankle Brace?

I sprained my left ankle this Sunday, and now I can't walk right for this week at least. I also saw one wearing those 661 ankle protectors before the ride. Now, does this thingy work? Anyone using it or anything else?Read More »

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