Mavic Leg Armor and Pads

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For the first time ever, I threw my leg over a...

.....a 29er. Wide bars, short stem, 130mm and current Marz 140mm fork. I just jumped on and rode. It was a familiar trail so I naturally hit the lines I would when on my full coil Chilcotin. On a few occasions I had to stop, hold the bike out in front of me to think, shake my head and question. ... Read More »

Rock Shox Sektor R blows its top (right leg wiper)

Just crested a climb and ready for a nice downhill section when I heard a sharp loud pop. Checked my tires and they were OK. Pushed on the fork and it took a full travel stroke. IT came back but The wiper on the damper (right) side had been blown out of its home. Shock is a little over 9 months ... Read More »

Platform Pedals with spikes and superficial leg injuries

I just changed over to platform pedals with nubs or spikes (not sure what they're called). They are great. I moved over from shimano dual platform pedals (w/SPD clip on one side and flat on the other) to the VP01 pedals. I've been using them for about two months. I have noticed that these peda ... Read More »

Leg cramps

I have found that when I drink plain water my legs (and sometime my hands) will cramp up frequently after a hard ride. But, when I drink powerade or gatorade instead of water, I don't get any of the cramping issues. Is there a supplement or something that I can take so that I don't have to drink 2 ... Read More »

Rockshox Tora lower leg service

Hi guys, I've been trying to remove the lowers from my fork to service, but I'm having difficulties getting the lowers off. I have loosened the bolts and tapped them with a mallet. So far, they now slide down easily about two inches as if they're going to come off, but then there's clear resist ... Read More »

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