Core Rat Calf Protection Armor and Pads

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Product Description

  • Excellent back of calf abrasion protection
  • Wrap around Cordura wings
  • Easy to install or remove in seconds
  • Integrates seamlessly with our knee pads and Shin Guard
  • Regular or Junior sizes

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    Any MTB specific socks w/ some built in shin/ calf protection?

    My platform pedals combined with my crappy pedaling style has resulted in a LOT of skinned shins. The one yesterday was bad and needed stiches. My LBS looks like a deer caught in headlights when I ask for this: Any tall compression socks that include some lightweight shin protection/ blood absorpti ... Read More »

    Calf Protection

    I'm a total noob to MTB and right now I'm just doing XC, so far keeping myself from getting too crazy on obstacles and speed, so I don't feel like I need or want the bulk of dedicated pads, but I'd really like some light protection for the outside and back of my calves. They are getting torn up fro ... Read More »

    shin/calf protection?

    I'm trying to find a new set of shin gaurds but really want something that covers around the back of my calf. i want to be able to use them for doing AM riding and also for freeriding with separate knee pads. I tried the lizardskin ones on at the LBS and they didn't fit around my calf (i'm not exac ... Read More »

    Back of calf protection?

    Hey Folks- Did a quick search on the various knee/shin guard threads and didn't find much in the way of discussing back of calf protection. I'm going to make the switch to platforms for this season and want to use knee/shin guards that will also protect (to some degree) the back of my calf from ... Read More »

    Shin/Kneeguards with calf protection?

    I'm currently wearing 661 4x4 guards, and I like em a lot, but as I'm starting to get more air over bigger rocks, I think I'm going to upgrade to hard shell guards. The Roach guards look really good, but they don't have anything to protect the calf, and I'm a bit concerned about it as I recently had ... Read More »

    Read More »




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