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Review: Demon Knee and Elbow Soft Cap Pro X D3O soft armor

The Demon Knee Soft Cap Pro X D3O is an exceptional piece of soft armor, that is comfortable, and allows long pedaling sessions without binding and irritation issues.    Read More »

Interbike 2013 - Seven iDP Armor

The Seven iDP Armor, includes the top of the line Tactic knee, elbow and knee/shin with Boa Closures, the Control suit, knee and elbow, the tuneable Covert knee and elbow, and lastly, the Transition suit. The 7iDP armor is highly innovative and should provide lots of protection and safety in any typ ...    Read More »

Trail Rated: Troy Lee EG and KG Armor Built to All-Mountain, Enduro Spec

In the market for 'goldilocks' armor for your Enduro race? Something that's not to heavy but not too light? Read on and see if these ones are for you.   Read More »

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Armor/Pads and Joint Support

Here's the story: I've dislocated both my elbows, one more recently. I've come to realize that they are never going to be as "solid" as they were again. I'm starting to look into elbow braces so I might just ask our friendly internet experts here first! :thumbsup: I'm wondering if there's any ... Read More »

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