Ritchey Pedal Cleats Pedal

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Replacement cleats for Ritchey clipless pedal systems, sold as a pair with appropriate mounting hardware.

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Can I put spare cleats in pedal so I don't clip in

I am new to cleats and clipless. I love it certain trails. But going on rocks or where I may not make it is tough since there is not enough time to unclip. I have shimano m 424 petals and spd shoes They are double sided. I was thinking can I buy another pair of cleats and put them on one sid ... Read More »

Fudging time atac xs cleats in spd pedal

Just curious if any of you have tried this or been able to do it. Basically I want to use Time atac xs cleats in a cheap spd compatible pedal, doesn't really need to work that great just click in/out. I don't actually want to do any real riding like this per se, it's just in my spin class they ... Read More »

Shimano pedal float - do the cleats make a difference?

I just installed some XT 785 pedals on my bike. I'm wondering if installing the SH56 cleats will offer more float? Or are they just multi release? What is the float on Shimano pedals, as a general rule?Read More »

XTR Pedal Cleats for old school pedals

Hey everyone. I ran into a problem with my 2011 XTR Pedals. Luckily, I've got a buddy with a back up pair of XTR pedals from like the 1995's. Will my current XTR cleats work with the old school pedals? Have they changed the cleats since then? They do click in and out but they feel like they have ... Read More »

Pedal Cleats - Supplied with new Konas

Quick question: Are pedal cleats normally supplied with new Konas? I thought they were normally supplied with pedals; my bike came with clipless pedals; therefore I assumed the cleats would be included with the pedals. FYI, I have a 2008 Caldera, which comes with Shimano M505 pedals. Thanks! :)Read More »

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