Race Face Effects Pedal

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Thin platform, concave aluminum body with bottom-loading pins. Shorter spindle design shaves weight making it perfect for trail bikes while the chromoly axle and bottom loading hex traction pins ensure it can take abuse and perform double duty on your DH rig. Hidden grease access port allows for on bike maintenance.

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Unintended side effects of owning a fat bike?

So i was putting a new fork on my fs today, and I started contemplating 2.5s or larger. I haven't looked at this bike since i got a fat bike a month ago. I have a 2.35 on the front and a 2.1 on the back but I'm used to 4+ tires now. Anyone else deal with this type of dilemma haha I never thought I' ... Read More »

Effects of Saddle Shape on Hill Climbs

I'm in the process of dialing in my saddle and thought the process and results would be worth posting. Saddle selection is completely personal. This thread is focused on the shape of the saddle and how the geometry impacted my performance, which should be leverageable by other riders. I started ... Read More »

Science! Effects of Wheel Weight Distribution on Acceleration

[url=http://www.pinkbike.com/news/e-thirteen-finally-answers-the-age-old-question.html]E-Thirteen Finally Answers the Age-Old Question: - Pinkbike[/url] Got me wondering about the so-called "flywheel effect" of fat wheels. I wonder if anything would change if the test "track" was longer.Read More »

Highroller 2 rim width effects?

I remember reading on here that the highroller 2 was designed around a 23 mm rim. I was wondering what negative effects running it on a skinnier rim would be? Like on a 21 or 19 wheels. Jensen has them on sale right now and I was to try them out but I also dont own a 23mm wide wheel and dont want to ... Read More »

Trail + Effects On Steering?

Ok I'm an idiot when it comes to trail (and many other things) but what effect does it have on bike handling and steering? So let's say we have 2 bikes with the same head angle but one is made for a 450 a-c and the other is made to run a 468 a-c. My question is even though said bikes have the s ... Read More »

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