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Gusset PCP Pedal

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Product Description

Gusset PCP plastic pedals add flareTo your bike. Choose pedalsThat matchThe color of your bike for a sophisticated look; choose pedals radically different fromThe color of your bikeTo send a message of individuality. Either way,These are good lookin’ pedals! Low Profile Loose BearingTranslucent body with molded pins

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Star Wheel PCP Knob - Juicy 7 Carbon - HELP!

I want to replace the little red star wheel pad contact adjustment knob on my Juicy 7 Carbons (it is on the lever). These are old brakes, but I don't know exactly how old, since I bought them used. The model I have uses a plastic knob. In the later production years of this model, they started usi ... Read More »

2007 Avid Juicy 7 PCP Question

I have an older set of Juicy 7's (2007 I believe--lighter grey with the plastic pad adjust/lever reach knob) and the knob will not adjust the lever in at all although it will turn. I had my local shop look at it and they didn't really have a solution except to replace the whole lever. I was wonderin ... Read More »

Any PCP rides this Sunday?

Been there once a year ago but hesitant to go without a guide. Wouldnt mind climbing up from Strawberry if it's doable.Read More »

Ths bus for this weekend's PCP ride...

We're heading up to [URL="http://ogrehut.com/gallery/?n=Pinecrest-EagleCreek"]Pinecrest Peak[/URL] again and probably riding [URL="http://ogrehut.com/gallery/?&n=Eagle%20Creek&page=2"]Eagle Creek [/URL]as well. If you haven't ridden these trails then you don't know what you are missing. A+ Sierra ... Read More »

issue with Avid PCP adjuster

The (rear) Pad Contact Point adjuster on my Juicy Ultimates has gone awry, that is, it just spins freely, does not adjust the PCP, and never stops in either direction as it should. Has anyone ever seen this, and if so, what is the remedy? Thank you.Read More »

Read More »




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