Electra Barefoot Pedal

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Electra Barefoot Pedals Black

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Ridin' barefoot? AKA Lost yer' shoes?

Found MTB shoes at Patapsco Nov. 2010. PM me with specifics and ve can arrange ze traaansfer!Read More »

Barefoot Riding?

[URL="http://www.bikejames.com/cardio-training/barefoot-pedaling-do-clipless-increase-overuse-injuries/"]http://www.bikejames.com/cardio-training/barefoot-pedaling-do-clipless-increase-overuse-injuries/[/URL] Thoughts and opinions?Read More »

Nearly Barefoot or worse?

I rode 12 miles in Bent Creek (Jan/50 degrees) with a gal who forgot her shoes. She was the hardy-sole type. Wore her woolen clogs and two pairs of socks on [I]L'egg Beaters[/I]. :eek: One of the things I love about my Time Z's: Forget your bike shoes? Minimal problem.... Never ever ... Read More »

having women barefoot, pregnant and most importantly: SUBMISSIVE

[url][/url] this is the agenda of a HUGE fraction of the Republican Party; women under control what can you possibly say now, Little Miss Ayn Rand??? I mean, you WANT these P.O.S. to have control, so that YOU are under control, right?Read More »

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