Control Tech Burst Pedal

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Product Description

  • Extruded and CNC aluminum body
  • Cromoly CNC machined spindle
  • 107x100x26mm platform
  • Replaceable pins

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"Pocketable" camera's with fast burst mode?

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The Fat Bike Bubble Is Gonna Burst

Alright, we all know that recently a lot of people have gotten involved in producing Fat Bikes and related items. The flood of new gear ( would I be safe to say 90% of the gear is new bikes, not new rubber, boots, racks, etc? wtf) has introduced the possibility of "owning" a fat bike to many whom co ... Read More »

Self action shots - camera's with wireless remote burst shot ability? HALP!

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Battery "C" discharge and burst rates?

Hi, I was wondering if someone can explain to me in non technical terms what the "C" dishcrage and burst rates are on Li-Po batteries? I understand how to calculate run times and if the battery will be big enough to power a certain driver / led combo but have never really understood the above? ... Read More »

Tenenat left heat off, pipes burst. Who pays?

So a tenant in northern CA (Crescent City) turned the heat off and left for a few days. Over those few days there was a record freeze and the pipes burst in the kitchen causing a huge amount of water damage. Insurance is paying for the damage minus a 1000 dollar deductible. Should that ded. come fro ... Read More »

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