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Azonic Drop-In Dropper Post, Flat Iron Pedal, Stems, Wheels and more

Check out some new products from Azonic including the all new Drop-In adjustable seatpost, the Flat Iron pedal, the Club and Pleasure Dome stems, Outcast wheels and O'Neal Maniac shorts.   Read More »

1st Annual Pedal 2 The People Tour Round 1- First Stop: Wilmington, NC

1st Annual Pedal 2 The People Tour fueled by Monster Energy Round 1- First Stop: Wilmington, NC. It's this weekend guys, August 25th! The mission of Dirtball’s Pedal 2 The People Tour Fueled by Monster Energy is to produce a successful, well-organized, and fun regional competition for mountain bik ...    Read More »

Hot News: Shimano releases new 11-speed XTR group with 1x, 2x and 3x configurations

Shimano officially announced the long-anticipated release of a new 11-speed XTR mountain bike component group today in both Race and Trail tuned versions.    Read More »

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Correct shoe for pedal (any feedback)

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]I've been riding for 4-5 years just decided to start riding clipped in, I've been looking at the Crankbrothers mallet DH cause I do alot of downhill, Although I do a lot of XC. So I was wondering: if I were to get the Mallet DH - would it be considered a kook/rookie thing ... Read More »

Flux pedal strike.

Pedal strike. I have never had this issue on any other steed I have spent a lot of time on ( except the stokers pedals on my Mtb. tandem, but thats different). Frustrated, it is probably time to move on to a different frame. Yes, the sag is set proper. Enjoy the way it rides in all other ways but t ... Read More »

pedal/shoe compatibility

I recently ordered these shoes: [url=http://www.jensonusa.com/Womens-Footwear/Shimano-WM51-Womens-SPD-Shoe]Shimano WM51 Women's SPD Shoe > Apparel > Shoes and Footwear > Women's Footwear | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop[/url] and these pedals: [url=http://www.jensonusa.com/Pedals/Shimano-PD-R540-Pedal ... Read More »

Clip-In 'Mallet-II' Pedal headaches...

Hey First Post!! Anyways......RE: the Crank Brothers Mallet II platform /eggbeater style clip-in. Had a chance to try out my new set on the trails yesterday and had a heck of a time un-clipping my left foot. The right foot came out fine but the left was way more tight and tensioned. Nearly unable to ... Read More »

Pedal wrench -- necessary tool or not?

just curious if people are finding pedal wrenches worth the $30+ (given use is only a handful of times per year) or could a normal wrench suffice? of course, i'm excluding extreme cases of rusted solid pedals which require tons of leverage to remove. i'm just wondering whether i should be adding thi ... Read More »

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