Shimano Deore M510 Derailleur

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Great value in a 9 speed rear derailleur fromShimano.The Deore 510 handles upTo a 34Tooth rear cog and uses flourine coated bushings, reducing link pin friction for reduced shifting effort. Special 11-tooth pulley design means alternating contact between chain links, reducing wear and allowingThe chainTo run in a smoother manner. Aluminum and stainless steel construction keepsThe derailleur lightweight and durable. Weight: 300 grams Compatibil

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Replacement for Deore M510 Shifters

My M510 series Deore shifters seem to be giving up the ghost; either slipping or requiring full (extended) thumb press to engage the next gear. I'm looking to possibly upgrade to the M770 series XT (9 seed), but with the difference in derailers, wanted to make sure there would not be any compatibil ... Read More »

Shimano Deore M510 Crankset...New Derailur or chain?

So im getting the Shimano Deore M510 Crankset for my blackcomb and i was wondering if ill HAVE to change my derailer or chain...i understand it will make it better but i jus need a new crank for now any and all help is apriciated... thanx... also if anyone knows a way i can find out weather my Black ... Read More »

Deore RD-M530 (reversible) and Deore SL-M510

Hello! I've got Deore RD-M530 rear reversible derailleur and SL-M510 shifter set almost for free, so I wanted to ask, are they compatibly? Do I have to be ready for some more "tricks", except reversible shifting? Sorry for my English!:crazy: Thanks!Read More »

Deore SL-M510 SL-M530 shifter differences?

Looked over tech docs but still no clue. Deore 530 RD seem to be a low-normal one while 510 is standard, do the numbers designate compatibility with RD?Read More »

Shimano SL-M510 Deore & M755 issues?

Hi, I'm going to buy a Rockhopper disc when the bike comes on sale later this year but I want to upgrade the disc brakes that come with the bike (Shimano M525 hydraulic) as soon as I get it. I want to upgrade to M755 XT but was wondering about compatibility issues with the shift leavers? Will they s ... Read More »

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