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Boothstorming Sea Otter: Shimano highlights new XTR 11-speed group

We take a peek inside Shimano’s booth at the Sea Otter Classic which is—not surprisingly—all XTR 11-speed, all the time.   Read More »

Hot News: Shimano releases new 11-speed XTR group with 1x, 2x and 3x configurations

Shimano officially announced the long-anticipated release of a new 11-speed XTR mountain bike component group today in both Race and Trail tuned versions.    Read More »

Review: Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR trainer grabs the boring old bike trainer and thrusts it into the tech world with social, virtual and viral features. At its core though, it feels like riding a bicycle.   Read More »

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xx1 crank & chainring with a zee derailleur for a chainguideless 1x10 setup?

Hey, I'm running SS atm with an XX1 crankset and a Wolftooth chainring. I'd like to go 1x10 for the time being with a Zee derailleur/shifter, my original 32t XX1 chainring and a 11-36 casette. Without chainguide. Would that be a compatible combination?Read More »

Rear derailleur issue - need input

Crashed on Tuesday, endo'd and the bike landed on the rear derailleur side. Chain came off the rear derailleur cogs, so I am guessing it's a bent hanger but looking for feedback. Now when it's in the front granny gear and the lowest rear cog (closest to the tire), when I try to shift back down, the ... Read More »

SRAM Rear Derailleur Adjustment issue/advice required

Hi, Having a bit of trouble adjusting the rear derailleur, and wonder whether anyone can help. I know it is not recommended that you use small front to small rear/cross chaining, but I seem to have a problem with the rear hanger moving what appears to be too far back with the chain rubbing against ... Read More »

Rear derailleur shifting issue

Hey guys, I have a 2013 fuel ex8 with an slx drivetrain. The rear derailleur shifts flawlessly until the last cog. The biggest is a 36t cog and sometimes it makes a grinding or really strange hesitation sound when shifting to it. It almost acting as if the limit screw isn't set right but I know it ... Read More »

MTB Derailleur & Cassette with Force Shifters?

I recently moved my race MTB from 2x10 to XX1. I have a Specialized Crux Expert Carbon Disc. I'd like to move the X-9 Rear Derailleur and XG-1080 Cassette over to the cross bike... it has Force Double Tap shifters. I think it's possible; anyone know of any reason I might run into trouble? Thanks!Read More »

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