Big Cheese Cheese Grater Chainring

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Product Description

  • 42t or 44t
  • Fits 1, 2 or 3 piece cranks
  • Alloy
  • Silver

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    Hello Cheese Grater...

    Had the whole park to myself... almost. Showed up at 5a right as the ranger was unlocking the joint. Made my way down 8 and through Medicine Wheel and where I would normally turn around and rejoin T100 I continued on south to meet up with 8. Took it through the beginning of Cactus Garden avoiding ... Read More »

    Cheese Grater Sanatized (or ST tooting his own horn)?

    Okay, so I'd say for the second time ever, I was able to ride most of the Cheese Grater last night (with the exception of the really rocky section, which I am going to attempt again tonight). I know they sanatized the initial climb, but it seems some of the steps were easier than I remember (cheater ... Read More »

    Looks like I took a cheese grater to my legs...

    Help! Over the past 6 months of hitting the trails hard, I've accumulated the occasional nick and bump. Everything from passing branches to a tap from clipping in or out, etc have built up to where my legs look like they're all chewed up. Even the most minor wound takes forever to dissapear. Is ... Read More »

    Read More »




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