Azonic Sprocket Chainring

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Azonic Sprocket Chainring. Chainrings - MTB. Built for the fastest riders. CNC machined from 5mm 7075 series aluminum plate. Designed to be used and take the abuse from 4X, Downhill and BMX racing. Features: ? CD = 5-Bolt 94mm, ATB = 5-Bolt 110mm, 4-Bolt = 104mm ? CNC machined from 5mm 707 ....

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Mogoose Dolomite front sprocket change. How to do it?

Hi All, I'm new to this forum. I have a couple quick questions. I want to change the front sprocket from the 38t to a 25t or 28t. Can you use a ten dollar ebay BMX sprocket? Do you need an adapter to make this work? I reliese the chain might have to have 4 or 5 links removed What type and size pull ... Read More »

One Up 42 tooth cassette sprocket

I'm using my Kona WO Fat Bike 2x10 on some long climbs and was thinking it would be nice to have a 42 tooth low sprocket to shift into. Is the One Up version a good solution? [URL=""]OneUp Components US - 40/42T Sproc ... Read More »

XTR 960 sprocket bolts

Hi all, i have just changed the chainrings on my crank set and i wouild like to change the bolts on it too does anyone know if i need a specific size or will the standard sizes fit on it ? just so i dont buy some any they be the wrong ones thanks for your helpRead More »

Setup prob with Hope 40 tooth sprocket (XX rear derailleur), please help.

Hi there, I just fitted a Hope 40t rear sprocket to my bike with a Hope narrow-wide chain ring... Going to a 1x10 setup (instead of a 3x10). I'm having trouble setting up my XX 10 speed rear derailleur to get it to shift onto the 40 tooth. It's not a type-2 derailleur (so a type-1?) I started wi ... Read More »

Chain falls off front sprocket when going downhill??

Hi all, Lately, whenever I go downhill the chain falls off the front sprocket then I have to place it back on the sprocket each time. I've been told I should get a chain guide or tensioner. I am running an XTR drivetrain on a 2001 Santa Cruz Superlight. So the drivetrain is probably 13 years ... Read More »

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