Azonic Sprocket Chainring

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Azonic Sprocket Chainring. Chainrings - MTB. Built for the fastest riders. CNC machined from 5mm 7075 series aluminum plate. Designed to be used and take the abuse from 4X, Downhill and BMX racing. Features: ? CD = 5-Bolt 94mm, ATB = 5-Bolt 110mm, 4-Bolt = 104mm ? CNC machined from 5mm 707 ....

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Chain wrapping back around crank sprocket catching on chain stay what to do?

A while back I noticed that my chain would catch on the front sprocket and wrap around on itself rubbing into the chain stay. I had changed out my shifters and hadn't noticed it for a while. I have even more recently got a new BB and crankset maybe have 30 or 40 miles on it and went to clean the cha ... Read More »

42t (or>36t) Cassette sprocket/adaptor for Shimano 10 speed?

Hi all, I was trying to change my current 3 x 10 drive train to a 1 x 10. To get a low enough gear for the hills around my area I figure a 30 x 42 should be enough. I was going to use a Wolf Tooth Cycling 30t which is compatible with the XTR cranks. What I was tring to find was an afterm ... Read More »

Truvativ 4D Cranks with single sprocket and pulleys...are these any good?

Ive got this tank of an old skool Mongoose that someone set up with new components. Among them are these cranks. Ive never seen this pulley system before but I like it! However a google search will not bring up this year of them, (2000-2001?) And so I need some help from the pros, u guys... So are ... Read More »

Raceface Turbine 3x10 speed middle sprocket compatibility

The teeth wore rapidly on mine and the Raceface replacements are expensive. Not wishing to blow money on expensive things that don't last I replaced mine with a Shimano XT M760 (Hollowtech 2), which was about 1/2 the cost. Both the M760 have a bolt circle diameter (BCD) of 104mm, and the Shimano ha ... Read More »

Will receive my new Carve SL 29, can I use a normal rear sprocket?

The bike comes with 32x20, I want to change the rear to 14t since I wont be riding many hills right now. I ride road bikes so I have a couple of rear cassettes sitting around, several with 14, 15, 16 cogs. Can I directly swap the 20t cog that comes stock on the carve sl 29 and one of the 14t cog I ... Read More »

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