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SRAM PC99 Chain

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MSRP : $62.00

Product Description

SRAM PC991 Chain 9sp. Chains. The PC-991 represents our premium Power Chain II offering. The PC-991 features an inner plate and outer plate design that offers faster and more accurate shifting in all conditions. With nickel-plated outer and inner plates, the PC-991 is also o ....

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SRAM PC99 chain alright with Shimano XT cassette etc

Hello Does the SRAM hollowpin PC99 chain go alright with Shimano drivechain, as good as an shimano durace/xtr chain would ? thanks for any advice btRead More »

PC59 vs PC99

Tried a search, but could not get anything, looked on the reviews, but too much BS there... Anyone able to comment on the difference of the two chains? Weight is NOT an issue for me, cost is, but not to the point where I'll be replacing the chain more often to save a few bucks.... So, can any ... Read More »

SRAM PC99 Hollow Pin.. weak or bad luck?

I installed the new hollow pin chain about 2 weeks ago.. went for a ride on Sunday, got the chain sucked a bit around the bottom bracket and SNAP!! Is this just pure bad luck, or have others found the hollow pin to be weaker too? I have used the PC99 (NON hollow pin) and was very happy with it. ... Read More »

PC99 Hollowpin chain failure anyone?

On wed night I took delivery of my shiny new steed (daBomb Molotov) complete with X0 rear derailleur, X9 shifters, PG990 cassette and PC99 Hollowpin chain. Thursday I took it for a fairly sedate ride to work (10km round trip), saturday and sunday I did a few very timid downhill runs with it. I'm ... Read More »

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