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Bionicon C.Guide Chain Guide Long Term Review

We've been using Bionicon's 19-gram, $50 C.Guide chain guide for over a year now, in all kinds of conditions and on all kinds of trails. Read the full review to find out how it's performed.    Read More »

Video: Sam Hill and Team Chain Reaction Cycles/Nuke Proof

Who would have predicted that the biggest downhill racing news of the year would come in the off-season. Sam Hill move from Specialized to Team CRC/Nuke Proof and Aaron Gwin moved from Trek to Specialized to take his place.    Read More »

No-Drip Chain Luber

We saw the No-Drip Chain Lube by Left Field Design at Interbike. It's a lube container that makes the regular task of lubing the chain easier, neater and with less waste. Check the video and see our first experience with it.   Read More »

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Chain coming off

Hi Guys, Still being somewhat new and when I run into a problem I come to you guys :thumbsup: Today I was cleaning my chain by back pedaling and the chain came off on me. I know how to put it back on but was wondering why it might have happen? Could it be from holding the chain too tightly and ... Read More »

Chain line question

I am changing my crankset/BB and see lots of reference to chainline. Read Sheldon Brown's info. Still not sure if i need be concerned about chainline in a ss. My stock Kona has a straight chainline so if i replace crank/BB and chainline is off simple matter of spacers or is it more involved ? Do ... Read More »

Isopropyl alcohol as chain cleaner?

Hi Guys, I dont usually apply any degreasers to my chain unless they are gunked up good and need a good cleaning. I always clean my chain with a small brush and re apply lube and run through a rag. When I do use degreaser I use the ecotech stuff and let it sit on my chain for a few minutes and ... Read More »

14g home made chain guide

Carbon seat clamp, alu bolt, 2 x alu nuts and a modified rear light mounting - under £25: [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i37/adb1006/Weights/IMG_20130801_210534_353_zps2ad3c7f8.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i37/adb1006/IMG_20130801_211301_093_zps1a11e2ad.jpg[/IMG] ... Read More »

A vapid and fatuous chain question

Does anyone know if someone makes an 8 speed chain with a gold finish?Read More »

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