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Charge Masher Chain

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Made entirely from half links, which allows shortening ofThe chain insmaller increments for idealTension on Fixies and Single Speeds. Durable hardened steel links Straight outer plates 1/8

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Are you a Masher or Spinner?

I know most could prob say both... But Im talking about your first instinct when hitting steep technical spots, which are you more included to do, Mash or Spin up?Read More »

How well does the Reba XX's(or Rock Shoxs) lockout work for a masher?

Hey fellas, My body is sore. Really sore. My wrists and my lower back are hurting a lot. I blame the rigid fork. I love riding rigid but I need to step up my riding to the next level, and the rigid fork is holding me back. I am fast uphill but slower downhill and I start to hurt after about 25- ... Read More »

Crankset upgrade for a masher

Long story short, on my old hardtail I killed several ISIS bottom brackets and eventually thrashed the splines on my crank. Upgraded to a SLX Hollowtech crankset with external bearings and all was good again. Now, I have a GF Rumblefish and after less than about 400mi, my crank is creaking to th ... Read More »

7spd vs 6spd vs SS for a masher

I like single speed. Lately, every geared bike I have or had has chain skip/slip problems. It's like I can't avoid destroying 9spd cassettes and the puny chains that go along with them. I've even got mid-range equipment, and still within a year or so I've worn out. When I run single speed, ... Read More »

Masher + Alumnium + BB = THE CREAK

I've got THE CREAK in my BB. I'm riding a 95 GT Zaskar these days, as my Cannondale Prophet just doesn't seem nearly as fast. The aluminum frame of the Zaskar is stiff and responsive and really lets me put the power while sprinting. Now granted, I'm a 210lb masher. I'm decently strong (even ... Read More »

Read More »




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