Sette Single Speed Tensioner Chain Accessories

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How to adjust chain length for single speed, derailleur tensioner, full suspension?

I'm setting up a single speed on my bike using a Zee derailleur as a tensioner. My bike is full suspension with around 10" of rear travel. Does anyone know how I adjust the chain length for this setup? Thanks.Read More »

Best chain tensioner for single speed full suspension bike?

Can someone tell me what the best chain tensioner is for a single speed freewheel? My bike fits a normal rear derailleur. From my research it seems the best is the Yess ETR/D full suspension chain tensioner. [url=]ETR/D Full ... Read More »

Single speed fatty with tensioner?

Anyone using a tensioner to ride a nonslider rear fat bike. I have a 170mm 907. Long time SSer but have never had a tensioner or a SS fat bike.Read More »

Single speed XTC carbon...without a tensioner

I've been playing around with various gearing set ups, old chains, new chains, combination old and new chains, half links, and can't seem to find the right set up for my Giant XTC carbon without having to use a tensioner. I hate tensioners. With a passion. I was told that the magic gear for an ... Read More »

07 xts/ convert to single speed or get chain tensioner?

Hi Everyone, didn't really have luck with the search bar so was hoping you all could give me some insight. Have an XTS, and have been running into issues with my chain popping off at very inopportune times. Went down a few times manualing through bumpy stuff. I've had a shop adjust th ... Read More »

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