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Profile Racing ChainTen sioner 3/8

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Most discreet chain tensioner?

Hi friends. I'm building my first singlespeed bike. Frame is in the mail. I was in my LBS today looking at singlespeed kits (sprocket, spacers and chain tensioner). He only had some DMR that were very colour full and a bit too "hip hop" for me. I'm using 90s titanium frame for this project so I'd li ... Read More »

Chain tensioner = stiff shock?

after miles upon miles of obnoxious chain slap, I decided to put the oem chain tensioner on my BMC fourstroke. Now the shock seems super stiff (i've got it at 60PSI, and its still super harsh). Is that normal? I'm guessing its messing w/ the linkage...:confused:Read More »

Chain tensioner vs. chain stay

I have a 2013 GT Sensor 9r Elite. I just bought it the other day and took it out yesterday to hit some trails. The first thing I noticed was the chain slap. I am wondering what is better, a Chain tensioner or a chain stay. Am I correct that a chain tensioner will really only work properly if I ... Read More »

Best chain tensioner for single speed full suspension bike?

Can someone tell me what the best chain tensioner is for a single speed freewheel? My bike fits a normal rear derailleur. From my research it seems the best is the Yess ETR/D full suspension chain tensioner. [url=]ETR/D Full ... Read More »

How to adjust chain length for single speed, derailleur tensioner, full suspension?

I'm setting up a single speed on my bike using a Zee derailleur as a tensioner. My bike is full suspension with around 10" of rear travel. Does anyone know how I adjust the chain length for this setup? Thanks.Read More »

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